Förbered er – Generation Z är på väg 16x4.5

Prepare yourselves – Generation Z is on its way

When trying to direct your communication, it is most important to understand one´s target group. Who do we want to target and how can we engage them? Depending on whether they're older, younger or if there are some with specific hobbies, you need to think about how to direct your message. Whether it is recruitment, public relations or advertising, it is important to identify the way you should direct your message to hit the right target group. Today, many people choose their workplace based on what they think about the company instead of being steering only by the need for money and stability.

Generation Z (individuals born in 1997 to the mid-2000s) is just about to establish itself in the labour market. The arrival of these young individuals means that there will be changes since labour demand is high and skills shortages are almost higher.

According to a survey conducted by Academic Work, Young Professional Attraction Index, it turns out that 48 percent believe diversity is important in the workplace. The survey also shows that the most important aspects of a workplace for young professionals include nice colleagues and a positive working environment. Therefore, you need to think not only about the message, but also how to best reach this target group.

Below we list five quick facts that can be useful to consider when you want to direct communication to Generation Z:

  1. The average concentration capacity extends only 8 seconds.

  2. 80% consider them to be more driven than their classmates.

  3. 77% expect to work harder than previous generations to be successful.

  4. 59% can imagine learning more to earn more money.

  5. And last but certainly not least, 2.56 billion of the world’s population will consist of Generation Z by 2020.