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Our Client Promise

The King Street Client Promise is based upon three values:

Client Business Understanding



About Our Client Promise

We understand our clients' business challenges, and what they need to do to meet them.

Among other things, this means that we:

  • Have the expertise and take the necessary time to understand our clients’ business and the specific challenges and KPIs that are important to them

  • Do not present our clients with standard solutions, but always recommend actions that best fit our understanding of our clients’ needs

  • Always keep the long-term success of the client in mind, even when developing winning solutions to short-term problems

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Rud Pedersen Public Affairs

Helping companies effectively navigate political processes by understanding and engaging with society, developments and systems to achieve their goals.

King Street

Business-driven strategic communication to build brands, engage customers and stakeholders as well as increase visibility in the media and on digital channels.

RP People

Assisting companies in building stronger teams by providing efficient recruitment, head-hunting services and employee development programmes.


Welcom develop the communication which takes place in society. With creative communication, they create attentionand open doors through digital solutions, advertising and PR; turning products and services into topics of conversation.


Fabula offers a full range of communications services, from public relations and advertising to marketing campaigns, branding and digital storytelling.


Offering advice and consultancy to clients within strategic communications, marketing, crisis communications and public affairs.


Controverse (CNTVRS) is a certified training organization that provides media, public speaking and crisis management training, as well as crisis mock exercises.