Har det redan gått två månader 16

Has it already been two months?

Wow, this has gone fast! Almost two months have passed since I started my internship here at King Street and I can hardly believe I am almost in the final stage of it. In a way, it feels like I've just started and that everything is still so new. But on the other hand, I've learned so much already.

It almost feels like I can divide these two months that I've been here into two different parts. The first month was very much about getting into the work, understanding what was expected of me and what I expect to get out of the internship. During the first month, I have worked a lot with research and basic work.

The second month, however, has been more focused on the actual production of content. I have written press releases, pitches as well as blog posts for customers. I even went to film people for a video poll downtown! What I think will benefit me the most is probably the blog posts that I have written for King Street's own website. I have designed and produced these posts myself, which has been very difficult but also instructive. Another lesson is how experienced in specific areas you get, in such a short time, when working at a PR agency. One day you work with a food company, the next with customers within e-commerce.

I would like to point out once again how fast the time has passed and that the nervousness that haunted me, in the beginning, has completely disappeared. Given how great my first two months have been, I am very excited to find out what my third month here has to offer!

Written by Maha Hafidh, King Street Intern Fall 2019.