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Susanna Jertel

  • Consultant
  • Stockholm

Susanna Jertel has experience of communication and politics from employers’ organisations, think tanks and other PR assignments. She has created and led successful communication projects focused on targeted audiences and written a multitude of published articles on business subjects. Susanna is an avid user of digital communication channels and is experienced in media relations.

She has also worked with municipalities and businesses on issues ranging from the labour market, infrastructure, and business climate. Susanna studied in Lund, Zürich (BA) and London (MA) within the fields of economics, political science, law, PR & Communication, public affairs and English. She is also Vice Chairman of the Sture Alumni, Swedish think tank Timbro’s academy of analysis, writing, debating and media training.

On maternity leave until November 2020.

Email - [email protected]
Telephone - +46 (0) 70 723 18 32