About Us

Our Values

We believe in an international offering​

Our growth so far has been together with our clients. We combine our Nordic heritage and values with an entrepreneurial spirit, finding solutions for our clients. We believe that by covering more regions and culture, we become more relevant for clients. Working in an international setting further improves our qualities as consultants and advisors.

We Believe in a Group Mentality

Our senior staff owns the company as local partners and as group shareholders. We take the daily challenge finding the sweet spot between working as one entity and letting local innovation flourish. We will measure our success by effectively serving clients locally and in internationally integrated offerings.

We Believe in Practice Leadership​

We deliver with the collective intelligence of our Group – therefore our employees are key to our success.​ We want to be leaders within the practice areas of the Group both in the quality we deliver and the creativeness in finding new solutions for our clients.​ We want to apply our skills and practices to the services that we offer.​ We want to consistently integrate and develop services to meet clients’ needs​.

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Our Vision

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Rud Pedersen Public Affairs

Helping companies effectively navigate political processes by understanding and engaging with society, developments and systems to achieve their goals.

King Street

Business-driven strategic communication to build brands, engage customers and stakeholders as well as increase visibility in the media and on digital channels.

RP People

Assisting companies in building stronger teams by providing efficient recruitment, head-hunting services and employee development programmes.


Welcom develop the communication which takes place in society. With creative communication, they create attention and open doors through digital solutions, advertising and PR; turning products and services into topics of conversation.


Fabula offers a full range of communications services, from public relations and advertising to marketing campaigns, branding and digital storytelling.


Offering advice and consultancy to clients within strategic communications, marketing, crisis communications and public affairs.


Controverse is an opinion mining and counsel agency, specialising in public affairs, strategic communication and crisis management.

META Advisory

META Advisory is Estonia's leading public and government relations firm with 3 teams: government relations, marketing communications and reputation management.