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King Street, part of the Rud Pedersen Group, is your strategic communications and PR partner. We help you find synergy between the story of your brand and the objectives of your business. Through our work, we manage, transform and improve relations to media, investors, clients, employees and political stakeholders.

We approach assignments with insight-driven strategies and creative ideas. By building brands, increasing awareness and boosting demand, we provide real value to our clients. When in need, we also support our clients in times of adversity to minimize damage and assist in their recovery after a crisis.

We have offices in Brussels, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo and Stockholm, providing resources to cohesively tell your story in diverse markets.

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What We Do

Engaging your target audience through a campaign is all about relevance. Knowing what stories to tell, as well as how and when to tell them, is essential to getting your voice heard. Cutting through the media noise and grabbing your target audience’s attention requires credibility through tailored campaigns and memorable storytelling. We tell your story and tell it well.

We work closely with leaders and support them in carrying out complex organisational changes, transformations or transactions. We work to ensure the successful building of understanding, motivation and sense of belonging. We help find the core message and narrative behind the figures and make them stick by designing programmes that reduce resistance and establish systematic communication on chosen topics.

Communications and PR is directly linked to your company’s business performance. Therefore, we base our strategies on intelligent analysis, creativity and excellent execution. Within PR, we help to increase a company's awareness, visibility and credibility among the public and decisive stakeholders. We do this in order to build valuable brands, to increase profitability and growth and to create healthy relationships between clients, investors, politicians, and the community.

All companies and organisations find themselves in a crisis at some point, and failure to respond effectively can cause serious harm to the company’s business, stakeholders and public image. Therefore, crisis management is not only about being proactive and transparent throughout the crisis, but also avoiding crises or sub-crises from happening in the aftermath.

The digital arena is a battle for people’s attention. We craft digital strategies with a human centered approach and win hearts and minds with a thoughtful mix of earned, paid and own channels to create the best effect and meet customers where and when they are open to your message. Meeting customer needs and desires with relevancy is key to reaching your business goals.

More than just engaging content and finding the relevant tools, modern internal communication is about empowering people in way that fosters the success of an organisation. We can help build capabilities for dialogue and effective leader communication, embed vision and purpose, and support the creation of a collaborative, productive culture.

We integrate finance, communication, marketing and securities law compliance to enable the most effective communication between a company, the financial community and other constituencies. We serve as both advisors and producers. We offer production of, among other things, media stories, reports and market briefings.

We analyse the business landscape, customer preferences and explore business opportunities in order to give your business a comprehensive and durable communications effort, which ultimately leads to the delivery of measurable results focused on ROI. We draft positioning statements, compare messaging strategies and channels, carry out competitor analyses and determine current positions.

We believe that practice makes perfect. Therefore, our media training is about exactly that: Practicing engaging clearly with your message when media asks critical questions. Media training is a mix of short presentations, concrete exercises and training in front of the camera. The goal is for each participant to be confident in front of the camera, and be able to communicate the desired message clearly and convincing.

We’ve created an agile, time-saving and inclusive strategy process for B2B and B2C businesses alike, actively involving key leaders and employees in the process. We facilitate business strategy as well as CSR strategy processes from stakeholder involvement to focus area selection and measurement of success. We also help companies in the commercialisation of CSR.

We believe in posts, tweets and snaps with a purpose. That could be building your reputation as employer, increasing sales or gathering engagement for your cause. We take pride in defining strategy, setting KPIs and implementing everything from the technical foundation to producing all sorts of content. Additionally, when a crisis strikes, we help you use social media as a tool to improve the situation instead of letting it become a serious problem.

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Our Client Promise

We understand our clients' business challenges, and what they need to do to meet them.

Among other things, this means that we:

  • Have the expertise and take the necessary time to understand our clients’ business and the specific challenges and KPIs that are important to them

  • Do not present our clients with standard solutions, but always recommend actions that best fit our understanding of our clients’ needs

  • Always keep the long-term success of the client in mind, even when developing winning solutions to short-term problems

We are ambitious and ensure our solutions have the highest professional quality.

This means that we:

  • Recommend the solution that is professionally the right one for the client in the long-term

  • Deliver solutions to clients in well-structured formats that convey recommendations and conclusions in a clear and understandable way

  • Take responsibility for learning from all successful assignments and bringing this knowledge into play in when solving new tasks

For us, focusing on client business understanding and quality is not enough. Our advice ensures deliveries that the client does not have the resources to develop or implement alone.

This means that we:

  • Are open to having our habits and assumptions being disrupted, since they may stop us from developing the extraordinary

  • Use our team's different approaches to reveal non-visible options

  • Are aware of what we already know and cultivate our curiosity by relating to what we read, see, and hear

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Rud Pedersen Group

King Street is part of the Rud Pedersen Group, a growing public affairs and strategic communications consultancy which also includes Rud Pedersen Public AffairsRP People, Welcom, Fabula, VA and CNTVRS.

Since 2002, we have provided high-quality solutions and creativity to our clients’ business challenges, needs and goals throughout Europe. We serve more than 200 companies, public entities and organisations.